PSFA membership brings a wide range of advantages and benefits. 


Demonstrate your commitment to competence, ridden horse welfare and high quality service to clients.


Broaden your skill set to offer exceptional service to your clients.

Raising Profiles

Boost your reputation in partnership with a recognised organisation that is committed to promoting you.


As a FULL member you will gain the post-nominal letters 'MPSFA' (Member of the Professional Saddle Fitters Association).


Demonstrate that your training complies with the UK Occupational Standard for Saddle Fitters.


Participate in accessible, subsidised, diversified, horse-saddle-rider Continuing Professional Development.

Trainee Support

Trainee members can access additional training that complements their study pathway.

Find A Fitter

Be seen by horse owners looking for saddle fitters local to them.

Improve Client Confidence

Use PSFA membership to assure your clients of your professional standing.


Use a suite of marketing materials to help promote your business


Access the members only PSFA discussion forum for support and inspiration from fellow saddle fitters.


Access client complaint training and support.

How do I join?

3 Ways for saddle fitters and trainees to become a PSFA member


Certified graduate of either the SMS, MSFC or Horse1st saddle fitting course

Completion of PSFA Full Membership  application form

FULL Membership


Experienced saddle fitters retailing saddles independently but without the above certification

Completion of PSFA Provisional / Associate / Trainee Membership application form

Eligibility Criteria Confirmed


Enrolled on either SMS, MSFC or Horse1st courses

Completion of PSFA Provisional / Associate / Trainee Membership application form

TRAINEE Membership

To maintain registration our members must:


Hold current professional indemnity insurance.


Comply with a Professional Code of Conduct as commitment to competence, ridden horse welfare and high quality service.


Engage in a set number of hours of Continuing Professional Development annually.