Saddle Fitting Summit Session 2 – 2hr 42m Saddle Fit for the Rider


Second in this hugely popular thought-provoking series hosted by the Professional Saddle Fitters Association in which we put 3 of the most innovative saddle designer-manufacturers together in the same virtual ‘room’ to challenge conventional approaches to saddle design and fit so that common ground can be found to enhance the welfare and well-being of the horse and rider.

Saddle industry front runners Maria Hallring from ErgoX2 in Sweden, Jochen Schleese from Saddle Fit For Life in Canada and Bradley Whale from Ipotane Saddles in the UK will take the stage to discuss the compelling issues that really matter. This time, the spotlight was on the rider and continued the discussion about pelvic shape and saddle seat contact in much more detail, which was touched upon in the first Summit session.  Professional researcher, Annika Gustafsson, also provided her own unique insight into the issues she faced with genital injury from riding in unsuitable saddles for her pelvic conformation.

This clip on our YouTube channel shows an excerpt from this session and the panel discussing a range of important saddle fit for the rider:



For just £10 this very popular 2hr 42m replay of the PSFA’s first Saddle Fitting Summit featuring 3 big name Saddle Design and Fitting innovators, Maria Hallring (ErgoX2 Sweden), Jochen Schleese (Saddlefit4life Canada) and Bradley Whale (Ipotane Saddles UK) forming the panel of speakers.

This thought provoking session is aimed at Saddle Fitters, Veterinarians, Equine Therapists, Equitation Coaches, trainers and competition riders as well as horse owners.

In this link to the replay, the panel gives their perspectives on what protocol means for saddle fitters and how important it is.  This is followed up by a discussion on what saddle fit means for each of them and their approaches to fitting, the age a horse should be first fitted for a saddle, rider pelvic shape (more on this topic in a future Rider Summit) and the importance of fitting the saddle to both the horse and the rider.  There are many other gems within this presentation that will inspire viewers to look more closely at the way saddles are fitted.:


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