Saddle Fitting Online Summit 6th Sept 23 : Prescribing Saddles. Western vs English


6th Sept at 18.30 for 90 minutes.

Fifth in this hugely popular thought-provoking series in which we place 3 equitation industry stakeholders together in the same virtual ‘room’ for 1.5 hours of insightful perspectives and scientific myth-busting on English vs Western saddles in terms of solving fitting issues.

Making their Summit debut are two of our own members who have extensive knowledge on this topic. Dr Franzisca Erxleben PhD of retails a wide range of saddle types based on her neurophysiology learning at doctorate level.  Maria Score of is a Western saddle enthusiast retailing a wide range of Western saddles including one which blends both designs.  They are joined by Jochen Schleese who has a long history of saddle making and designing both English and Western saddles.

The session has been created to provide a full understanding of the differences between both saddle types from a rider fitting perspective.  It is perfect for those considering alternatives to an English style saddle for whatever reason.

It promises to be a very frank discussion and questions will be taken from the viewers throughout the session.

This unique, deep dive session is aimed at Saddle Fitters, Veterinarians, Equine Therapists, Equitation Coaches, trainers and competition riders as well as horse owners.

Viewing link will be sent the day before and on the day of the event.

1 year replay access.



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