Replay – 2.5 hours Saddle Fitting Summit Session 3: Rider Weight – The Bigger Picture *Part 1*


Third in this hugely popular thought-provoking series in which we placed 3 equitation industry stakeholders together in the same virtual ‘room’ for 2.5 hours insightful perspectives and scientific myth-busting on the deeply controversial topic of rider weight.  The topic of rider weight went far beyond the effects of rider load.  Questions were addressed such as:

‘How does it feel to be an overweight rider?’

‘Is the real issue about weight, load or centre of gravity?’

‘How can riders prepare for supply of a saddle?’

Are male riders less of a problem even though they are typically heavier than their female counterparts?’

‘What is the effect of breast tissue weight on rider centre of gravity?’

A former elite young rider, Emma Dair, who has gained and lost a substantial amount of weight in adulthood, joins saddle industry front runners Maria Hallring from ErgoX2 in Sweden and Bradley Whale, Horse and Rider Osteopath, from Ipotane Saddles in the UK.

Emma provided her uniquely personal insight into the range of both physical and emotional challenges she faced when returning to riding, having become a much heavier rider.  Bradley Whale and Maria Hallring provided their factual perspectives on a practical level to pinpoint exactly what the issues are and how they can be addressed.  Between them, our panel collectively arrived at solutions to rider weight issues that are seldom discussed.

This unique, thought-provoking session is aimed at Saddle Fitters, Veterinarians, Equine Therapists, Equitation Coaches, trainers and competition riders as well as horse owners.



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