Replay – Saddle Fitting Summit Session 3: Rider Weight – The Bigger Picture *Part 2*


Essential viewing. Another 2.5 hour webinar presentation continued from a previous session in which we placed 3 equitation industry stakeholders together in the same virtual ‘room’ for insightful perspectives and scientific myth-busting on the deeply controversial topic of rider weight. The topic of rider weight went far beyond the effects of rider load and provided insights into the effects of rider weight increase and reduction, reasons why we put on weight, the effects on the horse, how to tell if your horse is not coping with load, the effects of breast tissue on rider equitation posture and so much more. After 2.5 hours there was still more to discuss so we offered a 50% discount on the ticket price for everyone to attend Part 2 making it affordable to catch up on Part 1!  In this session, Emma Dair provides more detail on her weight loss campaign and Bradley Whale and Maria Hallring discuss saddle panels.

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Replay access available for one year.

The Session 1 replay is available in our webinar shop and we recommend that you view that as a background to this session.

This unique, thought-provoking session is aimed at Saddle Fitters, Veterinarians, Equine Therapists, Equitation Coaches, trainers and competition riders as well as horse owners.



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