Mental Health & Well-Being – Clearing Mental Obstacles with Psychotherapist Jain Palmer


For just £7.50 this 1 hour replay hosted by the PSFA is absolutely not to be missed in these highly troubled times where delivering a demanding professional service for the horse and rider is more challenging than it has been for decades and the mental obstacles become increasingly difficult to overcome.  See a more detailed description below.

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Freelance equine professionals are predominantly somewhat professionally isolated, very much a caring profession where they frequently take on the baggage of their clients and their issues with their horses and they drive for hours on end to travel to clients. It’s not unusual for them to be close to exhaustion – most are female with childcare commitments too.

This session was about providing helpful tips towards creating the working life that you aspired to when entering your profession.

Jain Palmer is an experiential psychotherapist, person centred counsellor, focusing trainer and life coach. She is triple qualified in counselling with a Masters degree and 2 diplomas in these areas. She has gained extensive experience successfully running a private practise for over 15 years. After graduating at UEA she worked in a GP surgery for 1 year and women’s refuge for 3 years. Jain is strongly dedicated to her work in helping adults, young people and children overcome a wide range of issues to move forward in their lives.

This session will was an exploration into experiential psychotherapy, person centred counselling and life coaching and how you can apply it to your life to initiate positive change to achieve your full potential.

1. Principles and philosophy behind therapeutic approach.

2. How to create a good relationship with self.

3. Exploring the nature of the Inner Critic and tools to disengage from it.

4. The importance of pausing to become aware to your experiencing in the moment.

5. Exploration into the nature of anxiety and stress.

6. Difference between reacting and responding.

7. Voluntary challenges versus involuntary challenges.

8. Introduction to life coaching: overcoming problems/obstacles to be able to actualise your goals and make adjustments to your plan.


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